‘Fear while public speaking’ is very common in most individuals, including those with anxiety problems also. These fears are increased due to anxiety within you. Anybody can be victimized by this phobia. Unfortunately, only few of the victims can be successful in overcoming this problem. Social fear is the root cause for this fear for speaking in public, also known as ‘Gloss phobia’. If you fear people judging you when you are speaking over the microphone on the stage, that results in Gloss phobia. So, a major approach to shun this problem is to learn delivering of your speech with a loud and confident tone. Yet after this, one feels shaky enough doubting his own capabilities when imagining the whole mass of people listening to his speech with full attention. You need to keep this in mind that nobody gives a perfect speech ever. While delivering your speech, if you make few petty mistakes by chance, your mind starts focussing on those mistakes rather than your speech. Then automatically you are bound to feel anxious.


Nowadays, we have got so much habituated with this internet that we spent hours and hours in these ‘less public situations’ in online sites. Thus we gather least experience in public speaking and being judged by others. Even we have become so work oriented that we hardly communicate except for work with people around us. This decreases our involvement in public, leading to Glossophobia. You should expect yourself completely freed from any anxiety or fears, because feeling anxious and tensed is natural before giving any speech. Just that you should not be so very biased and tensed so that you can’t go and perform at the moment and hold yourself back. You shouldn’t let your fears overpower you ever.

There is a step by step procedure to overcome this phobia. First step is to go on practising your speech till you reach the ultimate point of perfection. Continuous rehearsals help you get familiarised with your speech, which not only will help you give your speech flawlessly but also because you would understand the matter you are speaking so that you can be fearless and fluent in your speech. Next step is to visualize yourself in front of the huge mass of audience applauding you and desiring to hear your speech. Imagine that they are judging you. Live the moment of fear and nervousness when you had made any mistakes during the speech, which is disliked by your audience. This feeling makes you feel anxious and you start breathing fast. When that happens, take a deep breath and relax, and then try imagining a good response from your audience after your speech and slowly try to calm down. Repeat it once more but this time with the speech. You will find yourself giving a better performance with less fear in spite of several distractions. Thirdly, you must get acquainted with the feeling of embarrassment and be prepared well enough to face any negative judgement by any audience as a feedback. Once you be used to the ‘idea of embarrassment’, you will be much successful in overcoming your fears. On the day of the speech, you must be in proper health and appetite and look fresh with no worries, keeping every requirement ready, thus ensuring a successful speech delivery.

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