It’s obvious to get nervous before delivering any speech, be it small or large in front a mass audience with all their eyes looking at you on the stage. But, it gets harmful for one if he gets tensed too much, as it may hamper his speech. So, before you get on to the stage for giving a speech you must be well versed with the necessary techniques for successful public speaking.


Firstly, you must have a solid idea of what are you going to say. If you are to choose your desired topic, you should always go for the one you are interested in. you can add into your speech a bit of personal stories, your views, humour ‘conversational language’ apart from the main substance of your speech. This may aid you in not forgetting your speech. Secondly you must ‘rehearse out loudly’ with all your required tools for your complete presentation sincerely, followed by revision performances as per your necessity. You must go on practising till you get a control over your words. Most importantly, you must rehearse and practise within a particular time limit, thus helping you to be time-bound in delivering your speech. Thirdly, you must try to have a pre-knowledge of the audience by greeting them as soon as they arrive, because it then becomes easier to interact or talk to a group of known people rather than talk to strangers. Next is to get acquainted with the speaking area. You can do this by arriving early at the location, walk around the stage, and rehearse if possible using the microphone and other required visual aids if possible. The fifth trick to apply is ‘addressing your audience’. If you begin your speech by doing this, it eats up a bit of time, and by this time you can calm yourself and release your tension. Then take a small pause with a smile towards your audience and then start your main speech after a counting of three. This will increase your enthusiasm and confidence as well as increase the excitement of your audience to hear you.

Next step should focus on visualising your own self speaking over the microphone on the stage with a loud and clear voice, and audience applauding your speech with loud clapping and cheers for you. This hallucination will definitely aid in boosting up your confidence. Also, you must always keep a notion in your mind that your audience desires you to be enthusiastic and informative so that they find your speech beneficial. You must be entertaining and interesting at the same time so that you can capture your audience till the last sentence of your speech. Next, you should always keep in mind that your audience never pays heed to petty mistakes you tend to make while delivering your speech. So you must always keep in mind that you must not apologise for any mistakes (lines forgotten, grammatical mistakes or stammering). Next, you must focus on the message you are delivering through the speech and your audience and not on the medium, keeping all your nervousness and anxiety away. Lastly, you should represent your being as a sole authority from within your speech. Always remember, confidence comes with more and more experiences. This is the most successful way to effective public speaking.

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